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You’ve probably crossed paths with a resistance band or two alongside your health journey. While they appear like simple gym equipment, they come jam-full of a full range of advantages.

So, we turned to 2 Aaptiv trainers to tell us extra about resistance bands and the way to make use of them in our training.

How do resistance bands work?

Aaptiv trainer Candice Cunningham says, « Resistance bands work by including an exterior resistance force that can be applied with out having to carry further weight per se. » They’re flat, typically looped bands that range from skinny sizes to thick.

Aaptiv coach and owner of Trainers in Transit, Jennifer Giamo, additional explains, « They present resistance at various degrees of issue (mild, medium, heavy, additional heavy) when offering the opposing pressure with your individual body weight. When they’re anchored in place, you can push, pull, curl, etc. against the rubber resistance. »

What are some benefits of resistance bands?


There are multiple advantages to using resistance bands, which makes them so fashionable amongst gym goers and trainers alike. « They are portable [and] cheap, » Giamo says.

Resistance bands can be used wherever-the gym, at the park, in your house. They’re compact and light in order that they don’t take up much house or add weight. Basically, they’re perfect for fitting in workouts on-the-go.

Just pop one of these bands in your luggage, and you’ll set up your personal dwelling gym in the middle of your resort room.


You could have seen that resistance bands are available various colours and thickness. Each size and colour typically correlates with a certain resistance stage.

So, you may select which band to use based in your capacity and the exercise you’re doing. If you have any queries about the place and how to use elastic webbing buy, you can call us at our own website. It makes this multi-level health device nice for all levels, says Giamo.


« They’re nice for activating muscle groups prior to heavy lifting or cardio train to ensure correct muscle teams are working and doing their jobs, » Cunningham provides. « They’re also great for toning smaller muscle areas. »

But you don’t need to be taught new workout routines or movements to use the bands. Take workout routines you’re already familiar with, and make them more difficult by including extra resistance. Alternatively, you may really make some strikes easier through the use of the bands as leverage and offsetting a few of your bodyweight.

« They present selection to a routine workout and also permit for muscles to work concentrically and eccentrically-providing resistance throughout the ‘work phase’ and the ‘rest phase,’ » says Giamo. « [Resistance bands] are also quite easy to make use of when understanding on your own. They’re secure and effective. »

What workout routines can I do with resistance bands?

You can use resistance bands as part of quite a lot of health routines and workouts. But they’re significantly helpful with regards to power and jacquard elastic webbing toning workouts.

« The advantages of utilizing resistance bands for power training are countless, » Giamo says. « You can perform exercises for each major muscle group, problem your current routine ([for instance], add them to push-ups for elevated problem). You can even increase your range of motion, flexibility and muscular endurance. »

There may be a variety of exercises you should use them with equivalent to assisted pull-ups, chest press, bicep curls, and tricep extensions.

« Some [different] nice workout routines are scapular retraction pulls and pull ups for upper body, for lower body glute bridges, lateral kicks or walks, and clams, » says Cunningham.

Are resistance bands higher than free weights and gym machines?

While resistance bands are great, it doesn’t imply that it is advisable shun the free weights and gym machines completely.

« I suppose they’re a very good complement to weights and machines, » Giamo explains. « They assist add a distinct element to power training and are especially great when weights and machines will not be available. You’ll be able to mimic nearly all workouts and work the same muscle teams utilizing resistance bands. »

In reality, research present the results of combining elastic and free weight resistance on strength and power in athletes. A mixture of the bands and free weights, for instance, reveals considerably larger results in contrast to just utilizing free weights alone.

Ultimately, to improve your overall body composition, don’t just rely on one or the opposite. Use a mixture of resistance bands, free weights, and machines to offer yourself an ideal workout – yow will discover this and elastic band more inside the Aaptiv app.

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