Elon Musk Decides Not To Promote His Techno Song About NFTs As An NFT

On Monday, he had tweeted that he was selling a tune about NFTs. The music has a techno beat and repeats « NFT » over and over, ultimately getting to the female-sung lyrics « NFT on your vanity, computers by no means sleep, it’s verified, it’s assured. » No, it doesn’t sound like Grimes to me.

After 15 years at Nintendo of America, including a memorable stint as the company’s president, Bronx-born Reggie Fils-Aime remains to be a power within the video sport trade. In addition to his latest autobiography Disrupting the game, he’s a regular at trade occasions like the current PAX West, where we caught up with him for a conversation about the way forward for gaming.

Two decades in the past, the newly formed Inventive Commons (CC) launched its first set of free, public licenses, enabling creators to open up points of their copyrighted work to the public for sharing, remixing, and reuse past the default « all rights reserved » discover. Today greater than two billion CC-licensed works exist – among them the favored xkcd webcomics by Randall Munroe; consumer-generated content websites like Flickr; open entry to digital photos of public-domain artworks displayed in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art; the web science journal PLOS One; and https://toncat.org/ educational sources like Khan Academy and Wikipedia.

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